FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Plan-C have its headquarters in Georgia?

What are the benefits of becoming a Plan-C customer or partner?

Is Plan-C real?

How many people work at or on behalf of Plan-C?

What distinguishes Plan-C from other vendors?

Is it possible to visit Plan-C on site?

In which languages can I communicate with Plan-C?

Where can I find news about the company?

What is the business relationship with the Crypto Lifestyle Community?


Who is eligible to register with Plan-C

May I register multiple accounts with Plan-C

Are there any regional restrictions?

Do I have to provide my personal data truthfully?

Which contractual relationship do I enter into with Plan-C?


How many packages can I buy per account?

How long do my purchased shares generate revenue?

Can I upgrade my package?

How long is an invoice valid?

Can I cancel my account at Plan-C?

Value creation

How does Plan-C generate revenue?

What income can I expect?

Why is the payout percentage related to the package price in US dollars

Is the crypto mix the same for all packets?

How is the long-term nature of the returns achieved

Why is the revenue for the Silver and Gold package higher than for the Bronze package

Is the amount of income or the composition of the crypto-mix guaranteed?

What portion of the package price is effectively invested in value creation

What types of mining is Plan-C doing?

Why are mining yields not stable or decline over time

Which coins are mined at which hashrate

How many traders work for Plan-C and where?

Which markets are you trading in?

Is there evidence of trading activity?

What about my risk of losing money?

How high is the risk that Plan-C will have to shut down due to unprofitability?

Altcoins & ICOs

What exactly is meant by Altcoins?

In which ICOs did Plan-C participate and with what result

Marketing & Sales

Which sales concept uses Plan-C

What percentage of revenue is allocated to marketing costs by Plan-C?

How can I become a Plan-C distributor

What is the Leader Pool?

May I advertise Plan-C?

What distinguishes Plan-C from a pyramid scheme or Ponzi system?


When will I get my first payout?

When to be paid out?

What happens if the payout day is a holiday?

How do I deposit and withdraw?

Why do the amounts paid out vary?

Why does my withdrawal sometimes not arrive or are smaller than shown in my account


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Plan-C JSC

Aleksidze Street 12
GE-0171 Tbilisi
Support: info@plan-c.one